{The Golden King}
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DESATIVED (Yet still remaining for the sake of the memories.)

Hello there my fellow friends, I'm king
Sinbad, king of Sindria and also King of the Seven Seas Alliance. Feel free to see what happens around. I hope we have a lot of fun.
(Independent RP Blog of Sinbad from the Magi, The Labyrinth of Magic series.)


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Relatonship: Single

Rules: Muse will not be shipped with OCs or not will have Mpreg or shotacon/lolicon. Other type of role-playing is being accepted.

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P.S: Keep in mind that here have Rated M stuff. You´re warned. Also the images that have here I take no credit for. When they're mine I put them tagged as personal.

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My friends decided to appear in my house moments ago so that I can finally meet in real life one friend of mine that lives in another state and then decided to travel to my city to meet people from here.

Since is past 1am here and I need to sleep because tomorrow I’ve work I’ll be able to reply things only tomorrow. I’m drafting them, so they’ll be not amiss.

So goodnight for you all.


"I believe this icon bring memories."



"Yeah, yeah I know. You think I’m cute. Would you also like ao make a comment about my freckles?"

"Oh yeah, your freckles."

"They’re so adorable that compliments your cute face. It males you look younger than you are."

"Any other compliment you wish for me to make?"

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